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Floods Dataset

A Dataset containing Linked Data representations of various Australian floods. The floods are sourced from Geoscience Australia's internal floods dataset with each flood represented as a single Feature Collection of flooded areas. Each flooded area is constituted a Feature within the Feature Collection and each Feature is linked to a Geometry object which represents the flood extent in traditional and non-traditional geometry representations. Currently the only flood Feature Collection available is for the 2021 Hawkesbury-Nepean flood however more Feature Collections will be added in time as this dataset and API are updated.
Creator dcterms:creator Geoscience Australia agency:ga
Date Created dcterms:created 2021-04-29
Publisher dcterms:publisher Geoscience Australia agency:ga
Date Modified dcterms:modified 2021-07-15
Keyword dcat:keyword Flood
Theme dcat:theme Floods themes:floods
Spatial Coverage dcterms:spatial
Type rdf:type Location dcterms:Location
Bounding Box dcat:bbox POLYGON ((96.0000 -45.0000, 96.0000 -9.0000, 168.0000 -9.0000, 168.0000 -45.0000, 96.0000 -45.0000))
Geometry locn:geometry {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[ [96.0,-45.0],[96.0,-9.0], [168.0,-9.0], [168.0,-45.0], [96.0,-45.0]]]}
Contact Point dcat:contactPoint
Type rdf:type Individual vcard:Individual
Has Email vcard:hasEmail
Affiliation sdo:affiliation SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd <>
Has Name vcard:hasName David Habgood


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